Financial Calculator- Education Planning

 Education Planning

With your family top on your priority list at this point, here are a few considerations. This would be an opportune time to invest in a child education policy, and plan ahead for your child's tertiary education fees and living expenses during those critical years in college or university. It is always wise to start planning early for your child's education in order not to deprive him or her of a solid education when he or she comes of age.

Q1. Have you started planning for your children's higher education?
Q2. Do you wish to send your children overseas for tertiary education and are unsure how you will be able to do that with your current savings?
Q3. Are you aware that if you start an education fund for children below 8 years old now, you would have less worry about sending them to a good overseas college or university for tertiary education?

Education Planning
Current Age  
At what age will the applicant enrol for the course?  
Estimated current tuition fees with expenses per year RM
Duration of the course in years  
Inflation rate (Our suggested rate: 4%) %
Total funds needed at point of enrolment RM

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