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 Retirement Planning

This is when you have both the time and the means to live out your dream. This is a truly fulfilling time, and even a time to explore new ways and options in investing and building wealth - with caution, of course - to ensure a secure and comfortable retirement ahead. Have you considered these questions?

Q1. As you approach the retirement stage in your life, have you thought of plans to enjoy a comfortable living, perhaps travelling to places you have always wanted to visit or pursuing a hobby that you never got round to in your busy days?
Q2. Would you have enough funds to ensure that after you retire, all your living expenses, healthcare needs and possible emergency situations would be well taken care of?
Q3. With retirement dawning, you'll have a lot of spare time to do all the things you never had time for with everyday work commitments. But have you wondered how to fund your retirement lifestyle?

Retirement Planning
Current Age  
Retirement Age  
Expected Life Span  
Inflation rate (Our suggested rate: 3%) %
Current expenses per annum RM
Funds required upon retirement RM

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