UOB Debit MasterCard

The UOB Debit MasterCard is more than a global ATM card. Now you need not worry about carrying cash around as you can pay for your purchases, just like a credit card at all MasterCard merchants and still be in charge of your finances. At the same time, you also earn a minimum of 0.3% in SMART$ Rebates that can be used to offset your future purchases. With so many advantages, you have more reasons to own a UOB Debit MasterCard today.


Banking Services

PIN & Pay


The new UOB Debit MasterCard is now PIN enabled and consist of contactless payment feature which that lets you make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap on contactless terminal with the universal contactless symbol.
As part of nationwide banking initiative to replace your signature for payment transaction authorization with PIN, you will be required to enter your PIN to make card payment at any point-of-sale terminal in Malaysia with effective from 1 July 2017.

How to get your new UOB Debit MasterCard?
We have sent your new UOB Debit MasterCard to you by batches since December 2015 till October 2016.

How to activate my new UOB Debit MasterCard?
You can activate your new UOB Debit MasterCard methods as below:

  ATM   UOB Branch
Key in UOBACD<space>NRIC/ Passport No.<space>Debit
Card's last 4 digits.

Send to 33310.
Go to any UOB ATM in Malaysia, insert your existing Debit Card and follow the instruction on screen.
Visit any UOB branch in Malaysia and speak to our customer service officer.

General Information

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  • UOB Debit MasterCard Product Disclosure Sheet : ENG | BM