Press Release 2007

UOB (Malaysia) Enhances Wealth Management Platform with "MAX-EduLink"

Kuala Lumpur, 2 April 2007 - United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd ["UOB (Malaysia)"] today added yet another feather in its cap with the official launch of MAX-EduLink, which is a 3-in-1 regular premium investment-linked plan that combines Investment, Insurance Protection and Savings. MAX-EduLink is specially designed to safeguard your child's future and to realise his aspiration of a good education.

"MAX-EduLink is designed and targeted at families with young children, as it doubles up as an insurance protection and alternative savings plan for their child's education. MAX-EduLink's unique selling proposition is the choice of high performing funds such as Uni Aggressive Fund, Uni Strategic Fund and Uni Asia Equity Fund. These funds are ranked in the top tier amongst similar fund category in the industry. A very good example is Uni Strategic Fund which is awarded the number one position amongst its peers," said Mr Chan Kok Seong, Director and Chief Executive Officer of United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd.

"UOB (Malaysia) is proud to add MAX-EduLink to its Bancassurance's line up of products. With the launch of MAX-EduLink, the bank is on track towards being a principal provider of total integrated wealth management solutions. The bank will continuously strive to enhance our products to meet our customers' needs and MAX-EduLink will be another result of the good collaboration between UOB (Malaysia) and Uni.Asia," added Mr. Chan.

MAX-EduLink is designed for customers to save and invest for the child's education fund. The entry age for this plan is from a minimum of 2 weeks old to a maximum of 15 years old. Premium is payable up to the age of 25 years old with a minimum term of 10 years' coverage. This plan offers comprehensive protection to both the child and the policyholder, and allows for wider coverage as the life assured may attach riders to the policy.

The uniqueness of this investment-linked insurance plan is the flexibility in managing your own portfolio and the specially designed 3-in-1 feature of create, save and grow. There is a choice of four investment funds for the policyholders to select that will generate potentially higher returns for their investments. The policyholder has the option to top-up, withdraw or switch between funds.

MAX-EduLink promotes education excellence through special awards given to children with good results. It also has a comprehensive insurance coverage with guaranteed insurable options, maturity benefits and tax relief on premium.

UOB (Malaysia) has a comprehensive suite of wealth management products and services that ranges from wealth accumulation, wealth protection and wealth distribution services. Among its financial products under the Bancassurance's banner are Term Refund, MaxGain, MaxLink, MaxIncome, MedicAssure Plus and Extra Cash. With MAX-EduLink, UOB Malaysia moves to strengthen its Wealth Management platform and Bancassurance portfolio.

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