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Documentary Credits Letter of Credit (LC)

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X'press Letters of Credit

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Shipping Guarantees

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A Documentary Credits (LC) is a popular instrument that gives the Beneficiary (Supplier) the assurance of payment provided that the required compliant documents the applicant (Buyer) is assured that payments will only be released upon presentation of required documents that comply with all the terms and conditions in the LC. The importers can also enjoy the flexibility of a hassle-free marine insurance coverage and loads of other benefits by insuring locally when you import on FOB/CFR basis or switching of trade terms.


Our team of dedicated trade experts is always on hand to provide advice on any trade-related matters and conduct briefings to educate your team on processes at your office premises. Your Documentary Credits (LC) will be issued within a 24-hour turnaround time. With our strong presence in the Asia Pacific, we are able to provide you with the advantages of end-to-end-delivery.


You can enjoy the flexibility of applying for or amending an LC without having to come to the bank. Our UOB Business Internet Banking provides you with an up-to-date electronic solution.

The functionality is the same as a Letter of Credit (LC). It is a purchase of a Letter of Credit instrument in exchange for cash. No Letter of Credit facility or line is required. It is available to all companies incorporated in Malaysia and maintaining a current account with UOB Malaysia. You can purchase them in major currencies.

If the non-receipt of shipping documents on arrival of the import vessel is a concern for you, we can issue Shipping Guarantees on a pre-arranged basis to secure the release of the goods, thus reducing demurrage and other related charges.


Inward Bills Collection

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Import Financing Instruments

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Bankers Acceptances

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If you want the flexibility of import without an LC, we can assist in handling your Inward Bills Collection against payment (DP) or acceptance (DA) received from any of your suppliers' bank.

You may also be eligible for access to financing of Inward Bills to capitalise on the competitive interest rates offered on our Bankers Acceptances or Trust Receipts. These are structured with your interest and requirements in mind.


A financing facility available to a local buyer / importer and local seller / exporter at competitive prevailing money market rates. Buyers / importers can capitalise on this financing instrument to pay cash to their suppliers in order to obtain a discount and the seller / exporter can have direct access to immediate funds for working capital. Financing amount is in multiples of RM1,000 and the minimum financing amount is RM50,000. Financing period ranges from a minimum period of 21 days to a maximum of 365 days.


Trust Receipt

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Invoice Financing

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Supply Chain Financing

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Local buyer / Importer who request for financing under Trust Receipt acts as a trustee to the bank to sell the goods on behalf of the bank. This gives the buyer / importer the flexibility to take immediate delivery of the goods and repay the bank at a later date with proceeds from the sale of the goods. Financing may be in Ringgit Malaysia. Alternatively, the importer can take advantage of lower foreign currency interest rates to request for financing in the currency of that particular import documents.


Terms and conditions apply.

Increase your cash flow and working capital with Invoice Financing as it finances payables that are not eligible for financing under conventional trade instruments. Invoice Financing finances transactions which include purchases of services (freight/transport and haulage charges, advertising charges, warehousing services, custom duties, port charges, insurance premiums, utility/telco charges, computer software licenses), intangibles and other business inputs (fuel, diesel, gas) that are consumed in the course of the manufacturing process, and all relevant charges/payments incurred which are not incorporated as part of the value of the trade bill.


This innovative financing consists of Vendor Financing and Buyer Financing. It places value or premium on the stability of the trading relationship between the buyer and seller as opposed to the traditional funding models where the supplier or buyer is evaluated on a stand-alone basis. It leverages on the strength of either the anchor supplier or anchor buyer.


Vendor Financing

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Buyer Financing

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We discount pre-approved trade receivables of your vendors (on a recourse/non-recourse basis) against your undertaking to pay on maturity of the financing.

We finance sales to your buyers so that you can get your cash faster and generate greater sales.


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All businesses incorporated in Malaysia are eligible to apply for UOB Trade Services. To apply, visit any UOBM branch or to find out how we can structure trade facilities for you.