UOB Malaysia


Current Account-i


Amount / Rate

Monthly Service Charge (If average account balance < RM2,000)


Close account within 3 months of opening


Audit Confirmation fee per financial year

  • For last financial year
  • For other financial years


RM53.00* (For every year)

Stamp duty on Oral/Fax Indemnity


Stamp duty on Account Mandate


Service charge on closure of dormant Current Account with balance ≤ RM10

Full amount*

Application for Temporary Excess processed (for Islamic Accounts)

RM106.00* per application

Ta'widh on outstanding excess amount (for Islamic Accounts)

Based on prevailing Islamic Interbank Money Market (IIMM)rate

Stamp Duty on Cheque Book (per leaf)


Cheque Processing Fee (Effective 2nd January 2015)


Stop Payment Instruction

RM10.60* per cheque

Statement of Account

  • Hold Mails Charge (For collection only)
  • Stamp duty on Hold Mails Instruction

RM5.30* per cycle (Max RM106.00* per month)

Outward returned Cheque

  • Due to insufficient fund
  • Stop payment cheque with insufficient fund

RM106.00* per Cheque
RM106.00* per Cheque

Service charge on destruction of uncollected cheque book

RM10.60* per book

Cheque encashed by non-nominated persons

RM3.18 per cheque

Closing account within 3 months of opening


Dormant account fee

RM10.60* per annum


*Effective 2nd January 2015, this will be charged whenever a cheque is received by a bank for processing, whether for encashment over the counter or for depositing into an account. This is in addition to the stamp duty collected by the Bank.


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