UOB Malaysia


Revolving Credit-i


Amount / Rate

Processing Fee (Non SME)

Depending on the financing amount and will be stated in the Bank's Letter of Offer

Early Settlement fee

Amount based on internal breakfunding cost/cost of fund Break fund charge:

  • Transfer rate* based on the original term - Transfer rate based on remaining term

Stamp Duty

As per the Stamp Duty Act 1949 (Revised 1989)

Brokerage Fee

a) RM15 per RM1.0 million
b) RM3 per RM1.0 million if less than 7 days tenor

Late payment charges

Compensation charges (Ta'widh) in the event of non-payment on due date

Outstanding balance X IIMM Rate X No of Overdue Days)/ 365 days


*Transfer rate depends on the tenure of loan.


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