Current Account

Fees Amount / Rate
Stamp Duty on Cheque Book (per leaf) RM0.15
Cheque Processing Fee (Effective 2nd January 2015.) RM0.50*

Half-Yearly Service Charge

• Borrowing Account with average bal < RM1, 000



Monthly Service Charge

• Non-borrowing Accounts with average balance < RM2, 000


Stop Payment Instruction RM10.00* per cheque

Statement of Account

• Hold Mails Charge (For collection only)


RM5.00* per cycle
(Max RM100.00* per month)
• Stamp duty on Hold Mails Instruction RM10.00

Commitment fee on unutilised OD

• commercial OD account


up to 1% on unutilised line
• personal OD > RM250,000 up to 1% on unutilised line

Outward returned Cheque due to insufficient fund                                            

 RM100.00* per Cheque

Overdraft Interest

• Excess overdraft interest charge


3.50% + Prescribed Rate
• Minimum Interest charge RM10.00

Audit Confirmation fee per financial year

• For last financial year


RM30.00* (For every year)
• For other financial years RM50.00* (For every year)
Cost of specialised cheque books Borne by customer*
Service charge on destruction of uncollected cheque book RM10.00* per book
Cheque encashed by non-nominated persons RM3.00* per cheque
Stamp duty on Oral/Fax Indemnity RM10.00
Stamp duty on Account Mandate RM10.00
Closing account within 3 months of opening RM20.00
Dormant account fee RM10.00* per annum

* Effective 1st June 2018, these fees and charges are inclusive of GST at 0%.