Wealth Premium Account

Fees Amount / Rate
Stamp Duty on Cheque Book (50 leaves) RM7.50
Monthly Account Consolidation Fee RM5.00*
Stop payment instruction RM10.00* per Cheque
Commitment fee on unutilised standby credit Not Applicable

Outward returned Cheque

• Due to insufficient fund


RM100.00* per Cheque
• Stop payment cheque with insufficient fund RM100.00* per Cheque
Closing account within 3 months of opening RM20.00
Cheque encashed by non-nominated persons RM3.00 per cheque
Service charge on destruction of uncollected cheque book RM10.00* per book

Interest on Overdrawn Amount

• Interest charge on temporary excess on the account


3.50% + Prescribed Rate
• Minimum Interest charge RM10.00

* Effective 1st June 2018, these fees and charges are inclusive of GST at 0%.