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Please be informed that the service charges of Cashier’s Order and Demand Draft have been revised as follows, effective 1 March 2019.

Service Charges Revised Fees & Charges
Cashier's Order RM5.00
Demand Draft RM5.00

Please find the summary of changes in the Standard Terms and Conditions Governing Islamic Financing Facilities for ease of reference:

  1. Amendment to Clause 1.2;
  2. Amendment to Clause 1.6;
  3. Insertion of new Clause 2.4;
  4. Amendment to Clause 2.5;
  5. Amendment to Clause 5.2 (Takaful/Insurance);
  6. Amendment to Clause 8 (Prepayment);
  7. Amendment to Clause 10 (Profit/Commission/Fees/Charges (Where Applicable));
  8. Amendment to Clause 14 (Security Margin);
  9. Amendment to Clause 15.1 (Events of Default);
  10. Amendment to Clause 19 (Taxes, Duties, or Levies);
  11. Amendment to Clause 21.4 (Right of Set-Off);
  12. Amendment to Clause 35.6 (Notices);
  13. Amendment to Clause 37.1 (Agent For Service of Legal Process);
  14. Amendment to Clause 43 (Legal and Shariah Advice); and
  15. Amendment to Clause 46 (Definitions and Interpretation).

Please click here for a copy of the revised Standard Terms and Conditions Governing Banking Facilities.

  • Annual service tax of RM25 will be charged on each principal or supplementary credit or charge card.

  • For existing credit or charge cardholders, service tax of RM25 will be charged upon annual renewal of each principal or supplementary credit or charge card.

United Overseas Bank Limited (“UOB”), its branches in and outside Singapore and subsidiaries (“UOB Group entities”) are committed to complying with the sanctions laws and regulations (“sanctions laws”) passed by Singapore, the United Nations Security Council, the European Union and the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control as well as applicable sanctions laws in the jurisdictions in which UOB Group entities operate. Under the sanctions laws, individuals and entities are prohibited from entering financial transactions or provide financial assistance or services in relation to sanctioned individuals, entities or activities and non-compliance with relevant regulations may result in criminal liability, fines or to both.

As such, UOB Group entities do not and will not open accounts, continue customer relationships, provide products or services, execute or facilitate transactions (directly or indirectly) or engage in any activity involving sanctioned individuals, entities, countries or territories. Currently, sanctioned countries and regions are the Crimea region, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

By applying for products and services and by continuing a banking relationship with us, you represent and warrant that at all times, you are not subject to any sanction laws and shall not use UOB Group entities, products or services (regardless of currency) for the benefit of sanctioned individuals, entities, countries or territories. UOB Group entities will not hesitate to take necessary action, including reporting, rejecting and/or blocking transactions, rejecting funds, closing accounts, terminating relationships that appear to violate sanctions laws.

Effective 1 January 2019, no interest/profit portion of the Murabahah Sale Price will be paid for FD / FD-i* premature withdrawals regardless of placement date. Premature withdrawals made before 1 January 2019 will not be affected by this revision.

Should your require further clarification or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your respective home branches.

*In this regard, you agree to waive your rights to claim full Murabahah Sale Price and grant the Bank the full rebate (Ibra’) on the profit of the Murabahah Sale price.

The Special Deposit Facility (“SDF”) introduced by Bank Negara Malaysia (“BNM”) to facilitate the conversion of export proceeds by resident exporters in December 2016 will be withdrawn by 31 December 2017.

After which, new export proceeds conversion will not be eligible to be credited into the SDF. Any outstanding balances in the SDF will earn a return rate at 3.10% p.a. up to 31 March 2018.

Should you require further clarification or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your respective home branches.

United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd (UOB Malaysia) is a participating financial institution of Bank Negara’s Disaster Relief Facility 2017. The facility is available to all small and medium enterprises (SMEs) affected by the floods in the northern states of Peninsular Malaysia.

Under this facility, SMEs can apply for financing facilities with UOB Malaysia at a concessionary rate to help finance the repair, purchase or replacement of assets that have been damaged by the floods. Financing is also available to SMEs in need of working capital. The Disaster Relief Facility 2017 is available to Malaysian SMEs affected in the districts identified by Agensi Pengurusan Bencana Negara as flood disaster areas.

For more information, please contact the UOB Malaysia Customer Services helpline at 03-2612 8121 or visit our branch nearest to you. Applications for the Disaster Relief facility are open until 31 May 2018.

  • FCCA is an interest-bearing and non-chequeing account in foreign currency.
  • It cannot be overdrawn and cannot be linked to any ATM/Debit card.
  • Interest is paid at the end of each month, subject to maintaining the minimum average monthly balance as below:


USD 50,000


AUD 50,000 3,000
HKD 150,000 10,000
GBP 10,000 1,000
EUR 50,000 2,000
NZD 50,000 3,000
SGD 50,000 5,000

For more information on Foreign Currency Call Account, please click here.

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