Easi-Payment Plan

  • zero percent interest on your shopping

    0% interest for your shopping

    Enjoy 0% Easi-Payment Plan when you apply for a new UOB Credit Cards with us.

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Convert your purchases to monthly instalments with Easi-Payment Plan


For all that your heart desires

Convert your UOB Card Purchases into easy monthly instalments and enjoy upfront interest as low as 2%. You can even bundle up more than one purchases and convert them to UOB Easi-Payment Plan!

2% 6 months
3% 12 months
4% 18 months

Apply for UOB Easi-Payment Plan today via:


Send UOBP2<space>IC Number to 66300



Call Centre

Call our Call Centre & request for EPP

Application Form

Complete the application form & mail it to UOB at:

UOB Card Centre,
P.O. Box 10253
50708 Kuala Lumpur;

Or fax in to 03-26900121


Terms and Conditions:
The Easi-Payment Plan (EPP) Programme is open to all new or existing principal and/or supplementary holders of UOBM Credit Cards to allow retail transactions to be paid in instalments for the purchase of goods and/or services. Cardholders can apply EPP within 60 days (sixty) from the date of purchase (“Transaction Date”). The minimum total purchase amount for the tenure for participation of this programme is RM500, in single or multiple transactions. Upon approval of application, the Cardmember will be subject to an upfront interest based on the purchased amount converted and tenure selected. Other Terms and Conditions apply.



Amount of Purchase(s)

: RM (minimum of RM500)



Months (6, 12, 18 months)

Upfront Interest Rate




Monthly Repayment Amount

: RM

Upfront Interest Amount

: RM

Remark: If there is any decimal in the Upfront Interest Amount, it will be rounded up to next 10 cent


Cardholder apply an EPP amounting of RM653(6 months, 2%), instead of RM13.06 the Upfront Interest will be RM13.10

Apply Now

There are 3 simple ways to apply for UOB Easi-Payment Plan

  • SMS

Send UOBP2 <space> IC number to 66300

  • Call Centre

Call our Call Centre & request for EPP

  • Application Form

Complete the application form & send it to UOB via:
UOB Card Centre,
P.O. Box 10253,
50708 Kuala Lumpur;

Or fax in to 03-2690 0121

  • Terms and Conditions: ENG l BM
  • 0% 6 months for participating MCC Campaign Terms and Conditions: ENG l BM